Our History


The Lillian Baft Yazd Industrial Group was established with the aim of increasing satisfaction and creating employment, by the founders of this company in 2004. This large collection has the newest blanket manufacturing machines in the Middle East, with the latest and the newest technologies to  product blankets in the world , and with the use of experienced forces and internal and external specialists, it has the capacity to produce 3000 blankets per day

Our service shows us our passion …



Hajj Majid Baorzeh

Chairman and Board Member
Resume Mr. Majid Baorzeh

He was born in 1974 with a long and brilliant background in producing and supplying a variety of textiles in the country, who is currently the chairman and chief shareholder of the company, whose overall policy and final decisions are taken by him.
It is worth noting that he was introduced by the Ministry of Commerce in 2009 as the permanent figure of Iran’s guilds and also described his performance as one of the charisers, especially in Fars province.


Engineer Alireza Baorzeh

CEO and Board Member

Mr. Gholam Hossein Baorzeh

Vice Chairman and Board Member

Mr. Mohammad Reza Baorzeh

Sales Director and Board Member

Engineer Hassan Baorzeh

Member of the Board

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